Month: August 2014

Facebook Rolls Out Analytics For App Links

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This is a great improvement from Facebook.


Generate Repeat Business ( Mobile Apps)

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Generate Repeat Business ( Mobile Apps).

Getting From Business Idea to Business Model

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This program should be being taught in most high schools, but why wouldn’t it be already it’s 2014. Any thoughts?


This video will give you the illustration how to get to business model from business idea.

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How news apps on smartphones could be amazing in the future

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This is an amazing story, what a great read for people who is trying to stay ahead of the times.

Lighter fluid to your creativity flame! (Imagineering)

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” The heart of all new ideas lies in the borrowing, adding, combining, or modifying of old ones. Do it by accident and people call you lucky. Do it by design and they’ll call you creative.” – Michael LeBoeuf, in Imagineering

What’s your thought on this subject… what’s your lighter fluid? 

The Billionist Group thinks this is very powerful, but the “adding, combining, or modifying of old ones” is something I prefer not to exercise if possible. I want the group to shoot pass the stars through the black hole in space and back again.