Month: September 2014

W’s of Inspiration!

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Love this!


  • Waiting with a good attitude makes whatever you’re waiting for worth the wait.
  • Winning counts for everything, so always plan on winning.
  • Work at whatever you do with all of your heart and you won’t allow your mind to talk you out of it.
  • Wasting time will prove to be a waste of time.  Choose to be productive and make it worth your while.
  • Don’t Wait for opportunities to come, but create them yourself.
  • Wondering about something with no action will not cause the production of anything but anxiety.  Make a decision and move ahead.
  • Words have power to create or to destroy, so choose your words wisely.
  • Weight training can help you build your strength both physically and mentally. Challenge yourself!
  • Women can be gifts to men when they are respected and live respectfully.
  • Welcome change as an opportunity to grow and expand your thinking.

Blessings and Love Always!

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