Character Marketing

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The Marley Bear Tour.

This state of the art marketing strategy; that emphasises on building PERSONALITY for your company or product. Creating a unique customer experience that will have a sentimental impact on everyone heart.

The characters marketing strategy will without doubt build traffic (flow of customers) daily; even on the slow days. The character rewards the company in more ways than one…   Direct Marketing becomes more effective, receiving customer feedback instantly just to list a few.

The character marketing platform will catch the attention of strollers seeking to be entertained. This sparks conversation, their conversation builds curiosity, curiosity feeds enthusiasm to participate, participating from enthusiasm makes a consumer more willing to engage in any activity the company offer.



Standard hourly rate: (15/hr) after 5hrs the hourly rate will be (20/hr)

There will be a weekly/monthly/yearly discount for a specific length contract.


Sign holder. Birthday parties, Public events, sports events, Holiday parties, Personal Pal for the day, Visit I’ll patients, Play dates.

Terms of hosting:

To order a character for your event, please contact us by email at least two weeks in advance. If any last minute orders there will be an increase in the fee. Make sure you have all details and your expectations of each character. We typically send one per event, more will be available upon request. Each character will have a 15/hr fee, and all events except for commercial events require a deposit. The deposit depends on the order. Specific events we will cater with food, depending on the conditions and the terms of each contract (primarily commercial events.) We do offer a gift for each birthday party we host, for the birthday girl/boy, that is out of our pocket. We do take pictures at events , but we try to designate a time for this, any special request please include it in our conversation so we can assist you the best way possible.

*We do accept donations at commercial events, that’s how we’re able to fund most event expenses, sometimes we offer merchandise for sale also.*


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