Bumz of America.

I’m looking to raise 2,750,000m while starting off at 10,000 to personally produce a film that is sure to be a new sensation. ” Bumz of America ” the film will take place live inside one single mansion with no constraints. Epic is an understatement!

Yes this is definitely happening and for all the right reasons. It’s time we get an understanding of this way of life. It’s time to shine the light were its most dark!

There will be no grand prize for the attendees because that would send the wrong message to the world. No, but we do guarantee that a stable home will be provided to each one of them and also meals and clothing. Let’s make a bold statement with this one, let’s change the status quo and bring reality to those who think life is but a dream!

It’s time that they meet reality!

Donate here to support the film.

Thank you.


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