Generate Repeat Business ( Mobile Apps)

Why choose The Billionist Group for your mobile app?

The weather app, this is something that most are familiar with, so I will use this as a example. The weather app helps the user stay current and up to date on the weather, not only that, it can give “second by second” updates on a bad storm.
Constant reminders is the name of the game. Being in the forefront of potential consumer minds, correlates to profits in sales, versus not having an app at all sales.
Does the suggestion ” never leave home without it” mean anything to a stationary store, that cost to operate monthly.

Never leave home without your companies app is the same as the consumer never leaving home without your services or products.

The Benefits:
– In the near future the government suggests that sum 50 million plus new users will be new internet users in remote areas.
– Instantly make your business global in the online market place.
– Create a platform for your company like never before, with competition growing daily, you can become a dominance in your field of business.
-It will show your companies history, showing you most sales, what days are the most promising, and what products are the best.
-It allows feedback from customers and promotes itself through customers itself by word of mouth.
– It increases new sales that would of never existed without the app.


2 thoughts on “Generate Repeat Business ( Mobile Apps)

    thebillionistgroup said:
    August 19, 2014 at 1:46 am

    More details on the different types of features will be added.


    […] Generate Repeat Business ( Mobile Apps) […]


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