The Billionist Group

Mission Statement

“the products, design and communication should express one unified identity”               -Peter Behrens.

“The Billionist Group… The group of sellers, dreamers, and over achievers”.                    -Brett Registre (Brand ambassador)

The Billionist Group -identifying with a billion of you.

 Welcome to The Billionist Group, it’s nothing much to the concept of the name, but I assure you complexity. We have every answer under the sun, if one perceive the sun as the limit. Key terms like Brand management, Co-Branding, Advertising, Brand Ambassador, Brand community, Marketing, Financial Literacy, Economics. The list continues to reach about a mile long, but excellence is right at your fingertips.

We’re incorporated with several different entities and looking to expand in real estate in 2015. We offer premium services under a wide range of business topics including consulting to highlight a target market. It’s understood to mention services here, but give us this time to put focus on subjects we feel most important.


Within writing any reports there are some exact basics, organize information, detect the problems, analyze the data at hand, write the report. This is understood on a basic level, most reports cover just the preliminary. The Billionist Group, offers more, we create new truths to examine. Sales reports, quarterly reports, annual reports, feasibility reports,justification reports, problem-solving reports. The logic behind the report is, data, perceptions, forecast, awareness, strategy and patience. That doesn’t sum it up completely, the art of creating reports, it’s all in timing; not preconceived here as its stated.


Billions of individuals are connected to the world-wide web. Some speculate soon that online sales will surpass in-store sales within many business by 2020. Not such a bad time to place a stake in it. Platforms vary online, outside of an official website for your company, where do you fit in?

With such variety, were to begin, a strategic campaign would best suite you. Will you call a team of economist’s, how about a consultant on human consumption. Let’s look at our umbrella here at The Billionist Group. 

“As of 2015 it’s estimated that over 500 million plus consumers will establish internet for the first time”. 

Take for starters some of the well-known sites, then think of the possibility of creating the unknown and making it trendy. Social feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat etc. Ask yourself, can you afford to guest where your target market lie within? Data does sometimes throw you off in terms of forecasting. What was trendy then isn’t so now.

There’s a term called Brand Community- a social entity where consumers interact socially with a brand as the pivotal point of their interactions. Brand communities take place in internet-based settings, in geographically bound clubs. Or one would say “band fests” (social gatherings arranged by the marketers). Why haven’t major companies look further into this, because they mimic the trendy, versus internalizing and becoming the trendy. It’s definitely not that simple as stated, we at The Billionist Group actually identify with a billion of you. We can create that niche, for any establishment under the sun with patience and some secret sauce for example. Possibilities are endless, for every campaign we launch, there’s two or more alternatives that can have the same potential to create an epidemic of followers (consumers). What that mean is, you asked for one, we demand you take these three campaigns. In lieu you have 3 campaigns, your present, your future, and your knock off. All are precise in forming your “trendy”, your era, your competition in that order.

The only thing you have to compete with is making free attractive! -Brett Registe.

The Billionist Group. 

Brett R. [ Brand Ambassador ]

(404) 918-2526


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