Key Terms We Demonstrate.

This page relates to the many different key terms we use to operate within The Billionist Group, this is what we refer to as a drawing board.

Advertising, Consulting, Brand Management, Public Relations, Networking, Campaign, Fine Art, Photography, Webinars, Forum, Technology, Communications, E-Commerce, Apps,
Do it yourself (DIY), Diversity, Globalization, Marketing, Volunteers, Entry-level, Media, Sponsorship, Development, Programming, Commercial, In-home, Feedback, Virtual Assistant, Platform, Product, Inventory, Up-sale, Consumer Relations, Economics, Repeat Customers, Data, Traffic, Launch, Social Network, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Trends, News outlets, Seminars, Donations, Executive, Premium, Google, Yahoo, Profits, Revenue, ROI, Stock Market, Capital Investments, Diversity, Market Place, Analytical report, Central Selling reports, Closure Reports, Credibility, Modifying, Publish, Community, Charting, Editing, External Report, Goodwill, Structure, Appeal, Focus Group, Foundation, Empathy, Extrinsic Benefits, Systematic, Justification report, Mailing list, Non-Verbal, Omnibus motion, Respondents, Perception, Visual impact, Teleconferencing,


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