Oral Presentation Advice.

Making Oral Presentations.

This page will give you a couple helpful tips to get you started and on your way to accomplishing the posture of the know how, and verbal behavior, which is key.
There will only be keynotes presented on this page, if any profound knowledge is wanted it will have to be discussed in a meeting in which The Billionist Group charges a fee for, so be mindful of the information giving it will not be in-depth it’ll be vaguely presented here.


Your opener should interest audience and establish a rapport with them. “Don’t be so quick to move on from sentence to sentence, let what is spoken kinda marinate”

Some speakers use humor to achieve their goals. “I prefer you use a evenly amount “However, an inappropriate joke can turn the crowd against the speaker.”

Smile at your audience before you begin, let them know you’re a real person and a approachable person. “Who knows what you are going through at the present moment right? A smile gives off a common bond from the start.”

The End of your presentation should be as strong as your opener! “Please take note of that.”

Frequently restate your main point or objective if possible. “If gaining money is your only point try to manipulate instead of highlight it”

Refer to your opener to create a frame for your presentation. “Remember you can’t build a house without a foundation and you can’t lead a army with a great speech!”

End with a vivid, positive picture, tell the audience exactly what to do to solve the problem you’ve discussed. “people have short-term memory so keep that in mind… in your long-term mind.”

-Right after the opener give an overview of what you will be talking about. An overview will provide a mental peg that people can make bullet notes of. It can also prevent someone from missing what you are saying because he or she wonders why you aren’t covering a major point that you’ve saved for later. Offer a clear signpost when you come to each new point. A signpost is an explicit statement of the point you have reached.

(Butterflies) “you don’t need to get rid of them, all you need them to do is align in the same formation, as your speech.” Pick and choose appropriate times to take a step back and breathe and gather yourself. I promise there will come a perfect time for this, for example a member of the audience gets up for a bathroom break, take advantage of the moment. Pretend to be allowing he/she time to return before continuing or allowing he/she to fully exit before continuing.

To calm your nerves before you give an oral presentation:
– Be prepared, Analyze your audience, organize your thoughts, prepare visuals aids, practice your opener and close , check out the arrangements.

– Relabel your nerves, instead of saying “I’m scared” try saying” “my adrenaline is up.” Adrenaline sharpens your reflexes and helps us do our best.

– Just before your presentation… Consciously contract and then relax your muscles, starting with your feet and calves and going up to your shoulders, arms, and hands. Take several deep breaths from your diaphragm.

This will be all the advice for one day, this topic can go on and on, if anyone is still unsure of themselves before speaking up, please feel free to contact The Billionist Group.


Thank you.


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